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What to Expect at Your First Appointment

As soon as you walk through one of our doors you will be welcomed to our office. While you wait for your appointment, we have you fill out some light paperwork so we can collect your medical history. You won’t wait long before one of our professionals comes out to greet you and bring you back for your appointment.

  1. To begin the appointment, we will go over the patient intake form you filled out and we will have a conversation to go over your hearing and what brought you in.
  2. After our conversation then we perform a video otoscopic exam. This way you can see the inside of your ears and be apart of the exam process.
  3. Once we’ve determined your ears are clean and free of infection, then we will start the hearing test. After we’ve tested your hearing, we will go over your audiogram, which is a visual representation of your hearing loss.
  4. If you would be a good candidate for hearing aids, we will go over your options and help you find a solution that will allow you to hear better.